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CJ Gemadept Logistics is a joint venture of Gemadept Corporation Vietmam & CJ Logistics Korea. The company inherited all outstanding elitist from its parents, Gemadept Corporation (GMD) founded in 1990 – One of proud Vietnam’s enterprise leading in modern Port and Logistics network. The company mission and vision is to become “a leading corporation in Vietnam in Port and Logistics integrated ecosystem”; and to a bigger scale is to “accelerate and add value to country’s economic growth”. With remarkable business contribution, GMD Corporation has stated its name among Vietnam’s TOP 500 largest enterprise, TOP 20 Logistics Enterprise in Vietnam, TOP 50 Best Vietnamese Listed Companies by Forbes. Proving GMD Corporation identity of a reliable and innovative partners with strong capability in Port Infrastructure and DC Logistics Hub in many region of Vietnam.

CJ Logistics (founded in 1930) – strong commitment to logistics for over 90 years. CJ Logistics is now No.1 logistics company in Korea and ranking 16th in the world. The company proud network of 255 logistics hub inin 41 countries providing best logistics infrastructure and technology to many partners. CJ Logistic has owned its diverse logistic service, and and will always challenge to become better based on constant innovation and challenge.

To conclude, CJ Gemadept Logistics is a leading and pioneering company in the field of Contract Logistics Services. We provide full scale of logistic service, include: warehousing, distribution, cross-border transportation and Oversized or Overweight Cargo. Our ambition is “to become market PIONEER and LEADER in providing Innovative and Integrated Smart Logistic Services”. We proud to keep growing and bringing real added value services to our partners through infrastructure investment expanded to all provinces and cities, constant innovation in Supply Chain solution and state-of-the-art IT systems. We are and will always keep our head forward to become a “better-version” every day. Now, we are trying to find people who have passion, enthusiasm, professional expertise, professional, enthusiastic, capable and qualified in the following positions:


Time For Submitting Application

Time For Submitting Application
II. Requirement:

1. Planning annual activities of the department.
- Support the manager on planning: exploiting the warehouse, optimizing the location and resources, operating budget.

2. Manage, protect and usage of warehouses, equipment and infrastructure.
- Support the department manager on: manage security, safety of assets, infrastructure, goods, equipment, and human resources of the entire warehouse system.

3. Budget management, operating expenses of Warehouse & Distribution Center, HSE.
- Support department manager in budget planning, submission to the Board of Directors and effective cost management including: labor costs, overtime costs, procurement fees and warehouse equipment rental, purchasing costs and rental of pallets, other materials used for warehouse operation, labor safety costs, maintenance.

4. Coordination.
- Support the department manager to work with customers when necessary to solve special import and export requirements of customers (large volume, working overtime, ...) at warehouses under management responsibility.

5. Working with Business Solutions department to implement bidding packages.

6. Work with Business Development to meet customer needs for warehouse and distribution center services.

7. Vendor management:

- Manage and evaluate the vendor's KPI, use and coordinate resources from the contractor effectively and efficiently.

8. Training and developing human resources.

II. Requirement:

- University graduate or higher, priority is given to candidate with majors in economics, foreign trade, warehouse management and distribution centers.

- Good diplomatic and negotiation skills, ability to work under high pressure, high analytical ability and grasping market opportunities.

- Understand the trends and practices of supply chain management, warehouse management, forwarding & HQ procedures.

- Skills in handling conflicts, leading groups, planning, making decisions according to authority.

- Customer service-oriented mindset and good communication.

III. Benefits:

- 13th month salary, annual company performance bonus, travel bonus and holidays of the year.

- 15 days annual leave.

- Pay SI on gross salary

- Attend training courses of CJ Group and Gemadept Corporation.

IV. Job Application:

Interested candidates please contact Ms. Trang: 0906 493 171 (zalo) or send your CV to email: to apply and exchange more details!

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I. Job Duties:

- Responsible for bringing sales for all our products such as Warehousing, Local Distribution, Air Freight, Sea Freight and Road Transportation business.
- Gain new business and retain the existing business with highest profitability.
- Meet and exceed target set in terms of contributing and generating revenue for the department.
- Conduct and report minimum number of sales leads set by the management and transform a minimum of those into revenue generating business.
- Maintain records of customer details / sales visits.
- Identify potential customers and register opportunities in Vietnam; relentlessly pursue realization of such opportunities leading to revenue for the company.

II. People Specifications:

- Bachelor’s Degree or higher in marketing, business management, logistics or any related fields.
- Excellent in oral/written communication skills. Fluently English is a must.
- 2-5 years experience in Freight Forwarding and Contract Logistics industry is a must.
- Computer literate with basic skill on Microsoft Work, Excel, Power Point...

III. Benefits:

- Attractive salary, agreed upon by experience and capacity.
- Health insurance, periodic health checks for employees
- Guaranteed monthly salary 13, bonus according to the company's business results annually.
- Rewards cash and in kind artifacts on Tet, Mid-Autumn Festival, etc…
- 15 days of vacation (travel permit bonus)
- Regularly organize intensive training courses for employee

IV. Job Application:
- Interested candidates please contact Nghi: 0764893082 (zalo) or send your CV to email to apply and more details!
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I. Mô Tả Công Việc:

- Triển khai hệ thống tài liệu về An toàn lao động đến các phòng ban.
- Thực hiện đánh giá, đào tạo nâng cao nhận thức an toàn, theo dõi kết quả cải thiện sau đào tạo.
- Triển khai, kiểm soát tuân thủ các yêu cầu về chất lượng của khối vận hành thông qua việc: nhận diện, ngăn ngừa và kiểm soát đầy đủ các rủi ro ảnh hưởng đến hàng hóa-dịch vụ.
- Review KPI liên quan đến an toàn, chất lượng hàng tuần/ tháng/ quý với khách hàng/ đối tác.
- Tổ chức/ tham gia những khóa đào tạo giúp phát triển chuyên môn và các kỹ năng trong QHSE.

II. Yêu Cầu Công Việc:

- Tốt nghiệp cao đẳng trở lên. Ưu tiên các chuyên ngành về an toàn, bảo hộ lao động.
- Ít nhất 1 năm kinh nghiệm ở vị trí tương đương.
- Đã có giấy chứng nhận đào tạo về An toàn lao động. Am hiểu pháp luật lao động, an toàn vệ sinh lao động.
- Có tinh thần hợp tác và trách nhiệm cao, khả năng giải quyết vấn đề, kỹ năng thuyết trình- đào tạo.

III. Phúc Lợi Vị Trí:
- Đảm bảo lương tháng 13, thưởng KQKD công ty hằng năm, thưởng du lịch và các dịp lễ tết trong năm.
- 15 ngày nghỉ phép năm.
- Đóng BH full lương, đầy đủ chế độ BH, BH sức khỏe.
- Tham gia các khóa đào tạo của tập đoàn CJ và tập đoàn Gemadept.

IV. Thông Tin Ứng Tuyển:
Ứng viên quan tâm vui lòng liên hệ Nghi: 0764893082 (zalo) hoặc gửi CV về địa chỉ email để ứng tuyển và trao đổi thêm thông tin chi tiết!
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