Freight Forwarding


Multimodal solutions offer the opportunity to balance different modes of logistics and transport to optimize factors of time, cost, service and environment. To effectively manage multiple modes requires collaboration, communication and connection in all the physical and information flows. This is the solution that combines the speed of air freight, the economy of sea freight and flexibility of road freight.

With well knowledge of the advantages of Multimodal Transport is given by the most efficient combination of multiple transport modes, optimizing times and reducing costs, Gemadept Logistics always endeavors to help customers find out the most suitable solution for their cargo movement.

By utilizing our modern facilities and strong own assets, we continuously keep the improvement of the service quality to meet customers’ diversified needs.

By taking such advantages as own ports system, ships, trucking fleet of more than 250 truck heads, air cargo base and expertized staffs, we ensure to bring customers the best value of this Multimodal transport mode that utilized the advantages of all means of transportation. By using this Mode, customers will enjoy: TIME-COST-FLEXIBILITY.