Freight Forwarding


Having a thorough knowledge of local and other countries’ authority system, we can accurately provide consultancies and the simplest method to deal with issues relating to customs.

Our professional staffs are able to process varied procedures timely with minimum risk that reduces waste and avoid possible additional costs for customers.

We offer a broad range of services to ensure uniform, consistent & compliant trade activities, supporting your company in handling your requirement in relating to the following scopes of work:

 Import and Export Declaration Filing

Customs declarations to process the import/export of goods.

 Duties, Taxes & Other charges Advancement

Facilitation of the payment of customs duties, taxes and other freight / charges on behalf of the customer.

 Permits and Licensing Application Services

Providing support to obtain special licenses and permits.

 Other Government Agency Services

Service to ensure the clearance of goods through other government agencies, e.g. Ministry of Health, Ministry of Industry & Commerce, Department of Agriculture, etc.

 Additional Services

Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ), Bonded Warehouse, Duty Drawback Processing, Fiscal Representation, Excise Duty Handling, Tax exemption, and many other services.

 Customs and Trade Consulting Services

Our customs consultants can review your supply chain to help enhance customs activities, optimize duties, identify potential risk areas and optimize internal controls and procedures to maximize internal compliance.