In-House Logistics

We understand that reducing costs and increasing productivity are among critical goals of any business. Therefore, In-house logistics has become an essential ingredient in Lean manufacturing – integrating production processes with the external supply chain.
With our experience in warehousing operation, we bring extra values with our deep expertise to enable customers’ efficient flows of goods. That’s why many manufacturers have entrusted their JIT-critical processes to us. Our In-house Logistics services professionals help identifying customers’ true pain points and then tailor logistics solutions in integration with our logistics network. We maintain the highest level of quality and JIT replenishment.

With breakthrough racking technology solution (Orbiter Racking, VNA Racking, etc.) and modern equipment (VNA Reach Truck, Mobile pallet shuttle controlled by remote RF, etc.) which help increasing productivity and reduce headcounts:

  • Increase 50% of storage capacity for warehouse
  • Reduce peak season overflow space to zero
  • Reduce peak season overflow costing to zero
  • It can be operated in either FILO (First In Last Out) or FIFO (First In First Out) modes
  • Reduce 40% headcounts

We are one of the first companies in Vietnam applying Schaefer Orbiter System to maximize warehouse management efficiency.